Friday, 9 June 2017

Cheering myself on

I've been spending the last few nights hand stitching down binding, ready to post on Monday for my sister's 40th birthday which was 2 days ago.

 How is it possible to be late gifting a quilt I started 12 years ago? I first started it in a block swap planning to complete all the blocks in one year, then I would have a year to finish the quilt and gift it for her 30th birthday. Dear me.

My Mum has had it on a shelf in her studio to quilt for me on her longarm for 7 years. Hahahahahaha! I am not kidding! It has quite a bit of embellishment on it, so I guess she was putting it off, as it would be a pain to quilt.

But, I can't entirely blame her.... I've had it quilted, and the binding machined on since March! Three months and I still haven't finished it. Admittedly, I have been busy with the self imposed deadlines of keeping up with 3 BOMs (where ARE my Goblin King stitchery blocks???)....

Only one and a half sides left to hand stitch. And then add a label. Come on Rainey!! Go me!!

And so here is what I got up to at social sewing group this week....

Then I ran out of purple background.

I have more on layby, but I think I've already bought 3 metres now, and have another 2 on layby, but the foundation piecing wastes a bit. And I would like to put an extra 4 inch border around the outside... so I think I'll need to buy yet another metre! Gosh!

For now, I can keep making the diamonds as I have little bits of dark purple to use up, IF I have time.... Last night I was very busy at the Bunnings (hardware) Ladies Night making things and winning a lawnmower as a lucky door prize!!

we used an electric sander, we varnished and we screwed - to make a vase or herb sprig holder for the kitchen

we used Dulux waterbased enamel paint to create designs on a memo clipboard

we wrapped and glued rope, we used Seasol gel to repot herbs (this is thyme)

We ate, we listened, I patted the Dulux dog....

We went in the draw to win prizes!!

I won a victa lawn mower! Most toddlers have a plastic one, my lil boy is going to have a real one!

We went to bed late, without any stitching! heh heh

Tonight, it's back to the hand stitching of the binding. Hopefully tomorrow I can show you the finished birthday quilt!

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Jo said...

Can't wait to see the birthday quilt. How lucky are you to win the mower.... Hope you got somewhere to use it. Great exercise.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Congrats on winning! Your 'secret garden' blocks are looking very pretty! Will pop back soon for the big b'day quilt reveal!

kiwikid said...

You made some great things at the hardware store!! Well done on winning the mower. Looking forward to seeing the birthday quilt.

Angie in SoCal said...

What a gorgeous Diamond Hill. Congrats on your win.