Thursday, 10 September 2015


I've been working on making this tee-pee from a free pattern in the Spotlight magazine. Well, actually, the magazine costs $1. Totally worth paying for the pattern. I bought a stack of fabric for $2 per metre and I've had help cutting out the pieces. (For some reason, my huge baby bump wouldn't allow me to get down on the floor to measure and cut the pieces!). 
It's started at least. I am trying to work on in while 5yo boy is at school so that he doesn't see it. It's a gift from the baby for him. I bought a second hand fairy mushroom cubby for 4yo girl. They are both indoor cubbies that will give them their own space, and I will be able to make cushions and other accessories next year when the sewing machine comes out again (I think it will be next year).

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