Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Almost there...

The Little Tailfeather quilt just needs a green border before it goes to Mum to be quilted.

I decided not to stay up overly late the other night... I was already too tired.

After all it only means that I get it back one week later... and what's a week in the scheme of things?

I am just so inspired all the time!! I want to start so many new projects!

First, I want to put the binding on my dollhouse quilt, and finish the little Santa piece for the Countdown to Christmas. I am actually writing this post a couple of days before it is published, so I will have the countdown finished for the 1st of December when I put my decorations up at home. YAY!!


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Love your darling quilt, the colours are so fresh, congratulations and yes in the scheme of things a week is not a long time

Fay said...

Looks great, Lorraine!
ummm, when you're finished with your Christmas elves - the ones who work all night to finish thes amazing masterpieces on your blog - can you send them round to my house?

Janet said...

It looks lovely.I know that feeling of wanting to start new things. I think you've done so well.